The EPT online forum is one of the most popular areas of our website.
Since it was first set up over 15 years ago, our forum has had:

  • Over 1 million visits to our online forum per year
  • Over 20,000 people have taken the time to sign up to an account, while millions more have chosen to remain anonymous
  • … and over 40,000 individual topics of conversation, with many many more replies and reactions to each one

We know that our forum is a lifeline for a lot of people - but we also know that it is in desperate need of an upgrade.

  1. The technology that it has been built on is very out of date
  2.  It doesn’t work brilliantly on mobile phones
  3. … and currently the wonderfully supportive conversations we are hosting are not getting picked up by Google and other search engines. This means that people who are searching for information and support are not always finding this valuable online community.

We're now launching a campaign to help redesign and rebuild this essential lifeline that helps so many. You can see further details on our main website and on our main fundraiser on JustGiving.

All of the products in this collection include a direct donation to this fundraiser and will not be used in any other way. 


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